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Protecting & Planning for Your Fertility Investment

A talk by Denise Steele
Program Director, SeedTrust & SeedCoach Fertility Financial Guidance

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Protecting your investment: Choosing the most qualified and secure escrow provider by asking the right questions. You will want to select one that is fully bonded and insured so that every dollar they manage will be protected throughout your journey. You don't want to risk losing your funds to misappropriation, mismanagement or even theft.

Financially preparing for your journey: Before you start your journey, you should have a comprehensive understanding of what it will cost you to complete your cycle. There are many parties involved in a third-party journey (insurance, clinic, third-party agency, egg donor/surrogate, surrogate's insurance, life insurance for your surrogate, travel for you and your egg donor/surrogate, hospital and physician's bills, legal, along with others). When you speak to each entity separately, they are not going to add up the fees for you. Working with specialists who have experience creating comprehensive budgets, determining what financial assets you may allocate towards your journey and then leading you to resources that include grants and loans is extremely helpful. You don't want to start your journeys without having all of the financial information.

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